Hair: [Entwined] "April - Light Blondes" and *ARGRACE* "UREI - Sandy Blonde"
Headdress: *LODE* "Head Accessory - Melle [sunshine]"

Dress: *Les Encantades* "Florence Cream"
Bag: *{Junbug}* "Warm Rose Basket"

Pose: andika "01(m)Look at me, [Gift andika at The Secret Room]"

Location: The Far Away@Dreamworld North


God bless you

God bless you

Hair: Boudoir "Fairy flower hair"
Headdress: *LODE* "Head Accessory - Melle Flowers [white]", "Melle Single [white]"
Headpiece: [Keystone] "Jalilah - Gold / Lime"

Dress: *{Junbug}* "The Dragon Queen [Cream]"
Sleeve: GizzA "Lysistrata Fantasy Costume [Gold] Sleeve"

Necklace: Kibitz "Long beads necklace - gold"
Ears: GizzA "Lysistrata Fantasy Costume [Gold] Ears RARE"
Staff: LUAS "Sunbeam Staff Golden"
Wings(a): Air "Saligia 5g)Orange"
Wings(b): Remarkable Oblivion "Holiday Spirit - Celestial Wings Container RARE"
Halo: [CerberusXing] "Tsukiyomi's Halo (Gold+B)(Unscripted) Common"

Pose: Musa "Fantasy Pose 75"

White World Wings

White World Wings

Hair: MINA "Roosje"

Dress: :Moon Amore: "Papillon Dreams Dress (Azul)"
Butterflies: -AZUL- "Shino (MissSL2015) /Pearl"(parts)
Wings: Boudoir "Tinkerbell wings"

Pose: Musa "Fantasy pose 034"


Red thread Dragon

Red thread Dragon

Hair: (r)M Hair "No.31'15 (Blondes)"
Headdress: !dM deviousMind "Amidala HairSticks **DRAGONFLY**", "Amidala Ornamented FanHairsticks **SAKURA DRAGON*"

Dress: !dM deviousMind "Sakura - ShibariDress **TEAL DRAGON** "
Shawl: {aii} "Double Hagoromo Emerald"

Nose Accessory: [CerberusXing] "Feline Septum (Gold)"
Hand Accessory: [CerberusXing] "Ring Claws (Teal)"

Dragons: *katat0nik* "(Red) Dragon",  "(Green) Dragon"

Pose and Red thread props: andika "[For me *amai akai ito] 02"


(no title)

no title

Hair: Tableau Vivant "Jade hair - Blonds"

Dress: =Zenith= "Autumn coat+dress (Black/Grey)"
Shoes: =Zenith= "Leather Heels with Socks (Begie)"
Bag: =Zenith= "Autumn Leather Bag (Begie)"
Necklace: =Zenith= "Rainy Day Umbrella Necklace - Sliver"

Pose: flowey. "flawless"

Props: [HD] "Wall side stool<Chair>"
{anc} "MoonLightLounge. baby pig.sit & stand"


The Death

The Death

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ "Milly hair"
Headdress: . a i s l i n g . "Sumiana Crown -BLACK-"

Eye Shadow: !Musa! "Eyeliner Glitter Double Purple"
Lip: !Imabee "The Mistress - Lip 2"

Dress: Valentina E. "Aura Gown, TFC Edition"
Tops(Layer), Gloves(Layer), Chain Top, Shoulder: !dM deviousMind "Valkyrie **SILVER**"
Chest: . a i s l i n g . "Chestlace"
Belt: . a i s l i n g . "Qarth Lady -Belt-"
Collier: . a i s l i n g . "Chandra Collar"

Arms and Bracers: [CerberusXing] "Mercenary's Set (Silver)"
Necklace: .Shi "Hanamel Necklace"
Staff: . a i s l i n g . "The Hierophant Staff"

Chair: Boudoir "Death Throne (wearable)"

Pose: [[J'adore]] "Manicure-007"

死神 - 闇属性


個飽!Bon appetit!

Bon appetite!

My funny family
Dragon Kid: [HL] "Dragon Pup4"(Gacha)
Old Cat: magnum Yoshikawa's "neko ha igaito dou ga nagai"
Young Cat: (fd) "Cat - 09 Ready to Pounce"


Hair: [monso] "My Hair - Yoni /Light Blonde"

Dress: Mikunch "Misty dress :fringe/ white"
Stole: Mikunch "Spangles triple gauze stole (tartan)"
Shoes: Mikunch "Sloppy Shoes (Aqueous Magic white)"

Pose: flowey. "it could be there"

futong fancy shop : All of Dim Sum Goods, firecracker (bakuchiku)
(az-dim sum FATPACK BOX, az-eggtartplate, az-dim sum gacha, and so on)
*bbqq* : XiJi Restaurant Goods
(Building, Menu, TV, Table and Chair)
La petite fleur : Bamboo Bench


During a walk in Kowloon

During a walk in Kowloon

Hair: [monso] "My Hair - Chen /Light Blonde"

Dress: TOPAZIA "Cassia Dress  fish"
Cardigan: Maitreya "Wool Cardigan * Beige"
Shoes: Glamistry "RAMONDA Heels"

Necklace: Kibitz "Beads long necklace - gold"
Bag: ::TOUZU::: "NEO KOWLOON-tote"
Bag Charm: Mikunch "enamel mini bag(akko-chan)TSS 1 year anniversary gift"

Shiba Dog: {theosophy} "2. {theosophy} Shiba Inu (Hurry Up / Mint)"
Pose: flowey. "walkin' one"

The forest of Fairy

The forest of Fairy

Hair: D!va Hair "Melissa (Moon stone)"

Headdress and Dress: Boudior "Fiskultura"
Wings: Boudior "Tinkerbell wings"

Props: Boudior "Enchanted Forest Fairy"
Pose: andika "03heart skip a beat"


Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer

Hair: Tableau Vivant "Editorial, Laying - Blonds"
Headdress(a): *LODE* "Head Accessory - Crystal [earth] RARE"
Headdress(b): *LODE* "Head Accessory - Bitter Berries Crown [original]"
Headpiece and Ear Accessory: .Shi "Parampara"

Body Dragon Bone and Bone Corset: Boudoir "Dragons Embrace"
Collar, Tops, Arms: .aisling. "BBB&Yrnan"
Right Shoulder: [The Forge] "Arcana Pauldron, Right (Black/G)"
Skirt: .aisling. "Arius Queen -Skirt- {Black}"
Skirt Sleeve: -AZUL Bridal- "Faith /Onyx (BeFabulous Limited)"

Sword: Kalopsia "Blubeard Sword"
Shield: [BODY FACTORY] "Warrior Shield  (Hands) (Gold)"
Wing: .:W&W:. "Valkyrie - Right Wing"
Pose: agapee "photo-pose076(jump)"


Fairies who live in the moon

Fairies who live in the moon

Eye Shadow: !Musa! "Eyeshadow Vera Light Sage"
Lip: !Musa! "Liptint2-15"
Ears: [CerberusXing] "Industrial Ears"
Earrings: !Musa! "Celtic Earring, Windblown"
Necklace: !Musa! "EyeBall Necklace (Dark)"
Fingers Accessory: [CerberusXing] "Hayop"

Hair: Tableau Vivant "Editorial, Western wind - Blonds"
Headpiece: .Keystone. "Ukalie - Faded Gold"
Dress: Les Encantades "Padma Azur ULTRARARE"
Pauldron: [The Forge] Arcana Pauldron (Gold)"
Bracer: [The Forge] Plaid Bracer (Gold)"
Props: {anc} "MoonLightLounge. moon boat" and "mist cloud"
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Manicure-006"

嫦娥 - 守護属性


Singin' Guardian angel

Singin' Guardian angel

Outfit: ::: B@R ::: "Dress of Scholar"(BareRose 10YA Treasure Hunt The Lonely King and Dragon, Prize)
Pose with props: andika "[amoroso], 2 and 5"

Hair: *ARGRACE* "UREI - Sandy Blonde"
Horn: [CerberusXing] "Chibi Aries Horns (Gold)"
Halo: [The Forge] "Celtic Headband, (Gold)"
Wing: ::: B@R ::: "Angel of Vision Wing x3"(Previous B@R's Treasure Hunt Prize)

Thank you so much, Ms.LinDa!!! ❤

天使 - 守護属性


Autumn has come

***Ambrosia*** Mesh_Blouse Dress

Hair: Tableau Vivant "Muse hair - Blonds"
Headdress: ***Ambrosia*** "Rose head_dress/bl[black]"
Blouse and Skirt: ***Ambrosia*** "Mesh_Blouse Dress[dots ver.]"
Choker: *{JB}* "Crystal Acorn Choker in Night"
Shoulder Bag: Zaara "Potli sling bag *ebony*"

Hair: Tableau Vivant "Muse hair - Blonds"
Headdress: ***Ambrosia*** "Rose head_dress/wl[black]"
Blouse and Skirt: ***Ambrosia*** "Mesh_Blouse Dress[rose ver.]"
Choker: *{Junbug}* "Freyja's Collar - Gold -"
Shoulder Bag: Zaara "Potli sling bag *beige*"

Location: Crestwick Island

***Ambrosia*** Mesh_Blouse Dress, New Stuff, Coming soon!!
The dress has two patterns, It's Dots and Rose.
Detail information will be soon.
Please wait next announce of Ambrosia's official information.


Red Evolution

Red Evolution

Hair: [INK] "Hair___KINDA ::Blonde"
Headdress(a): May's Soul "Ariel headdress  gold"
Headdress(b): =Zenith= "Gypsy tiara - Earth (for rigged Chain)"

Headdress(c) and Shoulders: Zibska "Quintini"
Dress: Belliz "RM1 Dress-Gold and Red"
Coat: -AZUL- "Sakura/Garnet(MVW2011 Top12/Miss China)"

Staff: [The Forge] "Aura Staff Common (Gold)"

Do you drink barley tea?

Do you drink barley tea?

Yukata: tomoto, New yukata.

.... Sorry, I lost this style card!
But, Location is tomoto, flagship shop@enbryo


Splash Japonism Mermaid

Splash Japonism Mermaid

Hair: (r)M Hair "No.14'13 (Blondes)"
Headdress(a): Astralia "Mysteria crown"
Headdress(b): Astralia "Mermaid Queen Headpiece (tentacles)"

Undershirt: !gO! "Moth - shirt layer, white"
Bra: [CX]&[ContraptioN] "Clam Yo Tits"
Uchikake (Japanese Kimono Coat): :::Breath::: "kakekoromo(red)"
Mermaid Tail: JOMO "DS mermaid tail(Red), Caudal fin A (Red)"

Pose: Musa Fantasy Pose.... Sorry, I forgot the number!

Location: Kowloon