Anything goes, and keep it myself

Anything goes, and keep it myself

Hair: (r)M Hair "No.31'15 (Blondes)"

Hat and Dress: D R O P . "Cloud Costume Set"

Choker and Bracelets: Meva "Carnival"

Pose: agapee "agp-high pose018-1"

Lights: {BellEquipe} "Industrial Lighting *Silver*"

I don't want to suffer the crown of something that made a person,
I want to suffer my own crown with my pride!!
Don't look behind, Don't be misled around, just Look at before !!!

Thunder Woman

Thunder Woman

Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Birdie -  light blondes"
Headdress: =Zenith= "Gypsy tiara - Fire (for rigged Chain)"

Dress: *katat0nik*  "(black red) Spoopy Nurse for Slink & Maitreya"
Kimono Sleeves: Astralia "Kimono Sleeve"
Boots: [Co57] "Misfit Boots Ruby"

Choker: (Yummy) "Gold Bead Choker"
Necklace(a): (Yummy) "Gold Beaded Necklace"
Necklace(b): (Yummy) "Gold Spikes Statement Necklace"
Bracer: .aisling. "Eunice - Bracelets Gold"
Arms: .aisling. "Arius Queen -Arms- {Crimson}"
Staff: [The Forge] "Aura Moon Staff UltraRare (Gold) -ABOX"

雷女 - 雷属性




Hair: *ARGRACE* "UREI - Sandy Blonde"
Headdress: *LODE* "Head Accessory - Melle Flowers [white]"

Outfit and Wings: EXiA "*Fairy - [Ainsel] Fantasy Costume  - rigged mesh Blue"

Eye Patch: *:..Silvery K..:* "Lace(Eye_Blue) 7"(Gacha)
Necklace: *:..Silvery K..:* "Lace(Necklace_Blue) 15"(Gacha)
Choker and Bracelets: Zaara "Banjara"
Ribbon Bungle: Air "Shizuka Ribbon Bangle, Blue"(CCB)

Pose: [[J'adore]] "fly-008"



Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Lucrecia -  light blondes"
Headdress: Astralia "Calpurnia Headpiece"

Dress, Choker: ***Ambrosia*** "Mesh:Princess Prom Dress[Cath rose]"
Garter: ***Ambrosia*** "Mesh_Garter Ring[white rose]"
Stockings: antielle. "Baroque Corset Stockings in Powder"
Shoes: lassitude & ennui "Nevermore heels (Slink HIGH) - princess"

Bracelets: [MANDALA] "MILKY WAY BRACELET/polly white"
Ring: (Yummy) "Garden Cocktail - Aqua" and "Ladybug Ring - Pink"(Gacha)
Staff: *cila* "fountain pen of a pure heart silver"
Wings: Material Squirrel "Sofiel Angel Wings 4.3.2"



イチキシマヒメ 市杵嶋姫命

Hair: D!va Hair "Locuala (MVW INDIA 2014)(Moon stone)"
Headdress(a): May's Soul "Ariel headdress  gold"(Enchantment)
Headdress(b): Air "Magnolia_Head Accessory_Luna"(Limited, CCB)
Headdress(c): May's Soul "La parca. crown RARE"(Gacha)
Headpiece: .Keystone. "Eretha - Gold - Green"

Eye Shadow: !Musa! "Eyeliner Glitter Double Green"
Body and Face make: antielle. "Okami Amaterasu"

Dress: *{Junbug}* "Lady Crawley [ENVY]"
Shawl: *Cila* "YingChen Shawl Red"(Gacha, The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Necklace: .aisling. "Bherdrim"
Neck Fan: *{Junbug}* "The Empress' Neck Fan Golden ULTRARARE"(Gacha)
Bracelets: .aisling. "Arius Queen -Arms- {Crimson}"(Gacha The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Ribbon Bungle: Air "Shizuka Ribbon Bangle, Red"(CCB)
Trident spear: [CerberusXing] "Tidal Trident"(Enchantment)

Bubbles: {anc} "bubbles"


The way back from the C88

The way back from the C88

Dress: ***Ambrosia*** "Mesh_JS Dress, Included fatpack only pattern"(CCB, new round)

Hair with hairband: ~Tableau Vivant~ Aidoru Series - Yuimetal - Blonds

Stockings: antielle. "Baroque Corset Stockings in Crow"
Shoes: .The Sugar Garden "Ruffle Platforms - Black - SLINK Flat"

Bangle(a): Zaara "Banjara kada bracelets *regular*"
Bangle(b): Zaara "Indra painted stacked bangles *gold*"

Purse Bag: *katat0nik* "(pose) Rainbow Purse"
Paper Bag: *cicoute* "wakaba bag(hand)"
Rabbit: *MGSIT-STORE* "RabbitDoll03[wear!]"(Limited item)

Pose: flowey. "like this"(base), Mama Allpa "Animare HUD V2.05"(Mod)

Location: Pomponne




Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ "Mesh Rosalina Hair [3]" and Boudior "Winter, Ice Queen Frozen Hair"
Headdress: .aisling. "Arius Queen -CROWN- RARE"(Gacha, The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Headpiece: .aisling. "Circlet Delh -Silver/Strings- {Black}"

Collar and Bra: .aisling. "Arius Queen -Collar/Bra- {White}"(Gacha, The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Scarf: .aisling. "Lyall Scarf -Light 3-"
Sleeves: Boudior "Winter, puffy sleeve"
Skirt: .aisling. "Arius Queen -Skirt- {White}"(Gacha, The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Skirt: Boudior "Winter, Ice Queen Skirt and Veils train"

Shoulders: .aisling. "Iron Maiden Rust, shoulder"
Necklace: Kibitz "Beads long necklace - silver"
Upper Arms and Fore Arms: .aisling. "Arius Queen -Arms- {White}"(Gacha, The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Hand Accessory: [CerberusXing] "Hayop Slink Elegant 1 Size 10 (Silver)"(Kustom9)

Pose: Icons Of Style "Pose, included Shopping Bag"

Props: HPMD "Garden Tree04 - snowWhite 1B", "Bush-a (Garden Tree04/snowWhite)" and "Fog Particle"

氷輝妃(ひょうきひ) = The Queen of Shining Snow Ice (My Coined word)

氷輝妃 - 氷属性


Adventures of apprentice witch

Adventures of apprentice witch

Headdress: Astralia "Calpurnia Headpiece"(MESH AVENUE)
Hat: *~*Illusions*~* "Agnes, Witch's Hat"
Hair: [Entwined] "Electra"
Headpiece: =Zenith= "Snowy Discipline Headpiece"(Gacha, The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Dress: *_M.birdie Story_* "Which Witches . Look A-1 S"(Gacha)
Boots: lassitude & ennui "Hellebore boots - black"

Chest piece: .aisling. "Shalimar Chestpiece RARE"(Gacha, The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Bracelets: .aisling. "Shalimar Bracelets Gold"(Gacha, The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Staff: =Zenith= "Himalaya Everest's Wand(Wear on back) - RARE"(Gacha, The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Bird(Big): Alchemy "Budgie - Mount - Forest"(Gacha)
Bird(Small): Alchemy "Budgie  - Companion - Forest"(Gacha)

Pose: flowey. "lookbook eight M"




Headdress: Astralia "Blossom Headpiece"(The Gacha Garden, Seed of inspiration)
Bra: Astralia "Blossom Bra"(The Gacha Garden, RARE)
Panties: Astralia "Blossom Panties"(The Gacha Garden, RARE)
Feet: Astralia "Blossom feet accessory"(The Gacha Garden, RARE)
Petals: Astralia "Blossom petals (animated) [blue]"

Hair: *ARGRACE* "HARUKA - Sandy Blonde"
Choker: *{Junbug}* "Freyja's Collar - Gold"(Gacha)
Necklace: ALEGRIA "Dragonborn Necklace Light Gold"
Shoulders: ieQED "rose.pauldron.silver."
Bracelets: FDD "GS *Aracelis* Bracelet"(Gacha)
Wings: Boudoir "Tinkerbell wings"
Pose: terra design "Female_26"

風羽蟲(かぜはねむし) = Winging Insect (My Coined word)

風羽蟲 - 風属性


blau Meerjungfrau

blau Meerjungfrau

Mermaid Ear: !Musa! "MermaidEar"(We <3 Role-Play)
Pose: !Musa! "merrow 02"(We <3 Role-Play)

Hair: ( r e d ) M i n t "No.13'13 (Blondes)"
Hair ornaments: .:*:. Kotolier .:*:. "HairACC "SUIREN" MIZU Limited Ver."
Mermaid Tail: JOMO "DS mermaid tail (Navy Blue)"
Lotus Bra: *Cila* "Ariel Bra, Silver"
Necklace and Choker: .:a:. "Dangara -Collar&Necklace- RARE"
Bracelets: !Musa! "Floral Bracelet"
Props: {anc} "fish shop daughters/ SymbiosisFish WEAR [albino]", "fish shop daughters / lotus:white" and "bubbles"

Chillin Vacation!

Chillin Vacation!

Bikini: ***Ambrosia*** "Mesh_Ribbon Bikini[blue rose]"(Coming Soon)

Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Thalia -  light blondes"
Sunglasses: .:*:. Kotolier .:*:. "CuiCui! Glasses [Love]"(On9, Thank you❤)
Choker: Zibska "Claudia"
Bracelet(R): Ariskea "[Hindi] Bangle Collection  [Extended Version]"(Kustom9)
Bracelet(L): Zaara "Patra silver bracelet *clear*"
Ice Candy: /// offbeat /// "icedays gacha stick ice 10"(Gacha)
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Alexandrae-006"

Location: Ryukyu




Hair: .:cheveux:. "F011 HairGray02"
Headdress(a) and Halo: [CerberusXing] "Scaled Deity"(Totally Top Shelf)
Headdress(b): Air "Magnolia_Head Accessory_black"
Eye Blind: Air "Blind Shana-oh_black (L)"(>+ O R I G A M I  +<)
Mask: 22769 "[accessories] Oni Mask (Origamie Huntgift)"(Prize, >+ O R I G A M I  +<)
Kimono: :::Breath::: "OIRAN*SEI(MINE)"(WASOU:個展)
Shoes: Zaara "Janya jeweled sandals (rigged) *ebony*"
Hand Nail: [CerberusXing] "Ring Claws L (Dirty)"
Feet Nail: [CerberusXing] "Talon Nails Slink Female, Flat"
Necklace: [CerberusXing] "Vagrant's Necklace (Silver)"(The Mens Dept)
Japanese Sword: *:..Silvery K..:* "KATANA_izumi Box(RARE)19"(>+ O R I G A M I  +<)
Make-up: antielle. "Okami Amaterasu (Full/Face)"(Prize, >+ O R I G A M I  +<)
The Nine-tailed fox: *NAMINOKE* "KYUUBI NO KITSUNE BLACK"(Gacha, The Gacha Garden)
Pose: [[J'adore]] "KATANA-003"(The Secret Room 2round)
Background: {anc} "ripple. oil .for light space ver [M]1Li"

業火鬼(ごうかおに) = Hellfire Demon (My Coined word)

業火鬼 - 火属性




Hair: D!va Hair "Astralia (MVW DENMARK 2014)(Moon stone)"
Headdress: Astralia "Strawberries wreath"(Wearhouse)
Horn: [CerberusXing] "Qilin Horns (Gold)"(We <3 Role-Play)
Septum: [CerberusXing] "Diamond Septum (Gold)"(Mix)
Dress: Countdown. "Giulia Mesh Gown [Yellow]"
Gown: *Cila* "Royal Queen cape Gold"(Totally top shelf)
Necklace: [The Forge] "Rosana Necklace (Gold)"
Earrings: ^^Swallow^^ "Deco Earring"
Hand: .aisling. "Morigan - Hands RARE"(Gacha)
Wings: ::: B@R ::: "Venus Urania", "Angel of Vision Wing x3"

Lotus: {anc} "fish shop daughters / lotus:red"(Gacha)
Fishes: {anc} "fish shop daughters/ SymbiosisFish WEAR [red]" and "[gold]"(Gacha)
Catcher: [The Forge] "Moon Catcher, Gold"(Gacha, The Gacha Garden)
Background: {anc} "ripple. oil .for light space ver [M]1Li"

金竜女(きんたつめ) = The Gold Dragon Lady (My Coined word)

金竜女 - 金属性