Walk in the forest

Walk in the forest

Dress: ***Ambrosia*** "Mesh_Girlish Dress[mint_rose]"(Sold starting, Dec 2014)

Hair: Magika "Shine"
Headdress: ***Ambrosia*** "Rose head_dress/wl[white]"
Necklace: TOSL "*Chandelier* Necklace v1.3 Murano Glass"
Socks: .tsg. "Princess Socks - Sheer White"
Shoes: .tsg. "Jingle Heels - White -SLINK Medium-"

HPMD* "Weasel - cream(M) v1.0"
HPMD* "Weasel - cream(S) v1.0"
HPMD* "StandingRabbit S"

Location: HappyMood

***Ambrosia***Mesh_Girlish Dress

***Ambrosia*** "Mesh_Girlish Dress, New production!!
It will be a sold starting from the beginning of December 2014.
6 colors rose pattern(Each color, each pattern).
And, It has adopted in this dress that trade mark as "ruffle hem" of ***Ambrosia***.
Detail information will be soon....... http://ambrosiashop.slmame.com/


Go to the Soiree......

Go to the Soiree......

Hair: D!va Hair "Nayomi (Moon stone)"
Dress and Glove: -AZUL- "Anjelica (MissVirtualWorld2014)/Onyx"
Crown and Earrings: Cae "Woodlands"
Necklace: [The Forge] "Trojan Necklace, Silver"
Shawl: The Whore Mansion "Sexy Fur Stole Black"

Location: Forgotten City

Resting of The electronic brain devil

Resting of The electronic brain devil

Hair: *ARGRACE* ”KOTO - Sandy Blonde" and "SHIORI - Sandy Blonde (lower part)"
Headdress: =Zenith= "Hun Archmage Antler (Black)"
Hone(a): -DRD- "darkforest horns, ash"
Hone(b): {aii} "Talisman Horns"
Headpiece: [The Forge] "Boadicea's  Headpiece RARE (Worn Bronze)"
Mask: .Shi "Redefine Mask"
Dress: Pure Poison "Luana Dress - Black"
Armor: -DRD-  "melancholy armor metal"
Bracer and Hand: .aisling. "Eunice"(Gacha)
Shoes: **Dirty Princess** "Gladiator Couture Princess MESH Boots"
Wing: ::: B@R ::: "Black Lucifer Armor Wings"
Staff: .aisling. Jahanem -SILVER-
Pose: agapee "agps-photo038(sit)M"

Choker: [CerberusXing] "Plug Me In Collar (Black)"(Geeks'n'Nerds)
Tail: [CerberusXing] "Plug Tail (Black+Non-Scripted 05)"(Geeks'n'Nerds)

Location: Paradiso@Harbour Light

"Quite hard to the spread virus. So, a little rest."


The Majesty as a Monarch

The Majesty as a Monarch

Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Vixen -  light blondes"
Headdress: !*Bliss Couture*! "Lorielle Hat - Blue/Emerald"
Headpiece: [Keystone] "Jalilah - Gold / Lime"
Outfit: CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture "BRAZILIAN MARVEL"
Shawl: +Lika Ruby+ "shawl-A(jade)"
Necklace(a): FINESMITH "NOVA Necklace nature"
Necklace(b): =Zenith= "gypsy divine wreath (Gold) Chain part Unrigged"
Choker: LAZURI Jewelry "Heritage Pearl Choker 1"
Gloves: [AMARELO MANGA] "Glove - Black"(Gacha)
Arms Accessory: .aisling. "Eunice Arms Silver"(Gacha)
Spear & Shield: Mesh Depot "Full-Perm Spear & Shield "
Pose: agapee "agps_fe304"

Mesh Depot
 --- Full-Perm Throne

 --- {anc} canopy:lace:antiquemilk
 --- {anc} lacecurtain .xmas:white


Accidental meeting

Accidental meeting

Hair: [Underscore] "Olisa Hair - Realistic Basic Mix"
Headdress(a): .Enfant Terrible. "Moondchild crown gold RARE"(Gacha)
Headdress(b): .Enfant Terrible. "star crown RARE"(Gacha)
Dress: Valentina E. "We Are All Made Of Stars Gown Gold" and "We Are All Made Of Stars Over Gown Noir & Gold"(The Fantasy Collective)
Necklace(a): [The Forge] "Harvest Moon, Gold"(The Secret Affair)
Necklace(b): .Enfant Terrible. "Moondchild necklace gold"
Arms, Bracers and Hands: . aisling . "Tortuga Princess"(Gacha)

.Enfant Terrible. "Moondchild animated butterfly gold"(Gacha)
[HarshLands] "Big Fennec"

Location: Papillon

Athena - Shield of Aegis

Athena - Shield of Aegis

Hair: *ARGRACE* "UREI - Honey Blonde" and ~Tableau Vivant~ "Legend Hair - Persephone - Summer"
Headdress(a): ~Tableau Vivant~ "Legend Hair - Persephone Crown"
Headdress(b), Spear, Shield, Shoulder and Arm(R): CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture "ATHENA"
Dress: [FAIDA] "Athena"(The Fantasy Collective)
Shoes: Pure Poison  "Gold Goddess Sandals-for SLINK Medium"
Bracer: .Enfant Terrible. "Antique gold bracers"
Wings: ::: B@R ::: "Ange Nouveau"
Pose: [143] "Battle-DGun-06"

Location: MiLova


Late autumn

Late autumn

Hair: tram "D425 hair / creamyellow (M-L)"
Outfit and Headdress: ***Ambrosia*** "Mesh:Vintage satin dress[MF_black]"
Shoes: Hucci "Calbe Pump - MidnightNude"
Pose and Prop: Kirin Poses "Autumn Leaves 2 / Pose 3"

Location: Inspiration Point

狂戦士 Berserker

狂戦士 Berserker

[CerberusXing] Items
Collar: [CX] Plug Me In Collar (Black)(Geeks'n'Nerds)
Spine and Sacrum: [CX] Spinal Barb and Implant Tail (Silver)
Ear: [CX] Aural Penetration (Silver)

Hair: Dura "*Dura-Boy*53(Black x Blonde)"
Body suit and Nipple: !dM deviousMind "Deadly Raven **ONYX**"
Bracelet(L): *{Junbug}* "Black Filigree Bracelet"
Bracelet(R): .aisling. "Eunice - Bracelets Black"
Katana and Sheath: MeshDepot "Full-Perm Katana and Sheath"




All Outfit: =Zenith= "Druid"(The Fantasy Gacha)

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ "Milly hair" and "Meersand Hair"
Hand dress: Bliensen + MaiTai "Rawwr - Claws - black, Elegant"(We <3 Role Play)
Pose: agapee "agp-photo-pose024(f)"

Location: Alurel


When You Wish Upon a Star

When You Wish Upon a Star

Hair: *ARGRACE* "UREI - Sandy Blonde"
Headdress: =Zenith= "gypsy divine wreath (Red & Gold)"(The Secret Affair)
Face dress: un Jour "un-Jour-des-oiseaux-Noir"
Dress: Violent Seduction "Maria Dress (Death)"
Foot dress: un Jour "Le murmure des oiseaux*Noir"
Drape and Ornament: !dM deviousMind ""Ianna" **ONYX** (BOX #24) - RARE"(Gacha)
Wing: Violent Seduction "Maria Wings"
Shoulder: ieQED "rose.pauldron.gold."
Hand dress: Bliensen + MaiTai "Rawwr - Claws - gold, Elegant"(We <3 Role Play)
Moon Staff: Sweet Lies Designs "Moon & Stars Staff"(The Fantasy Collective)
Pose: Musa "Musa Fantasy pose 040"

Snow Dream

Snow Dream

Hair: Magika Hair "Harmony"
Headpiece: =Zenith= "Hippie Leather  Headband"
Outfit: ***Ambrosia*** "Mesh_Low Waist One Piece Dress[tweed_brown]"(Soon! December)
Leggings: ***Ambrosia*** "Mesh:leggins[daisy]"(Outlet)
Boots: ***Ambrosia*** "PomPom Fur Boots[chocolate]"
Gloves: (epia) "Leather Gloves"
Pose: Kirin "Athena Pose 5"

Location: Let it snow! @Isles of Lyonesse


Beginning of the winter

Beginning of the winter

Hair: Dura "*Dura-Girl*53(Mocha)"(Thank you, Chiaki-san!!)
Hat: LUAS "Gansta Cap Chess RARE"(Gacha)
Outfit: =Zenith= "(Cream)High neck knit dress"(KUSTOM9)
Shoulder Bag: =Zenith= "Babo Bear Bag (begie) Unrigged"(KUSTOM9)
Boots: Glamistry "NEMESIA AnkleBoots [PF1010]"(Uber)
Stockings: erratic "ripped stockings - full / brown"
Mitten: *League* "Sheepskin Mittens -Brown"

Location: My friends Private zone@Red Sea


Tomoe Gozen - 巴御前

Tomoe Gozen

Hair: Maitreya "Evi II - Coffee"
Outfit and Japanese Halberd: ::: B@R ::: "Tomoe Gozen"
Japanese Fan: Plum Tree Dance "Gold Odori Maiougi"
Pose: Musa "Musa Fantasy Pose 042"

Props: MeshDepot "Full-Perm Chinese Dragon"

About "Tomoe Gozen"


Vaisravana - 毘沙門天(多聞天)

Trial: Vaisravana - 毘沙門天(多聞天) V1

Trial: Vaisravana - 毘沙門天(多聞天) V2

Hair: Dura "*Dura-Boy*53(Black x Blonde)"

Eyeliner: cheLLe "(eyeliner) Hey Judas 3"
Face Tattoo: cheLLe "(tattoo) Maleficent A (greenteal)"
Lip: cheLLe "(lipgloss) Juicy Gloss (Silver)"
Beard: [DossiEr] Beard & Mustache V1
Lip Accessory: [CerberusXing] "Steel Goatie (Bronze)"

Ear: ::: B@R ::: "Elf Dragoon Lady Ears (Tintable)"
Ear Accessory: [CerberusXing]  "Aural Penetration (Bronze)"

Headdress(a): . a i s l i n g . "Sumiana Crown -GOLD-"
Headdress(b): ::: B@R ::: "Elf Dragoon Lady HeadWings"
Headdress(c), Armor and Spear: ::: B@R ::: "Green Choun" and "Green Choun Lady"

Halo(a): [CerberusXing] "Lucifer's Halo (Gold)"
Halo(b): {aii} "+ Ungodly Halo + Gold"

Armor Pectoral: cocorotayori "Nippless-08(kokoro+)"
Fantasy Shawl: {all} "+ Hagoromo Emerald +"
Hand Accessories: [CerberusXing] "F Ring Claws (Dirty)"
Hand of Buddhist tower: EDO Daikoku-do "Giboshi Baluster finial"

[HL] Jaguar
[HL] Skeleton Ghost 1
[HL] Skeleton Ghost 2
[HL] Skeleton Ghost 3

Full-Perm The Tiger

About "Vaisravana"

和 - serenity

和 - serenity

Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Aida -  light blondes"
Headdress(a): =Zenith= "Hun Archmage Antler (Begie)"(The Secret Affair)
Headdress(b) and Japanese Shoes: tomoto, "okobo & wa corsage JP"(xiasumi school festival - Charity)
Headdress(c): [MANDALA] "Kiku-corsage-(Yellow)"(xiasumi school festival)
Headdress(d): [CerberusXing] "Lucifer's Halo (Gold)"(The Fantasy Collective, New Round)
Ear Accessory: ^^Swallow^^ "Ear Wings White and Gold"(The Secret Affair)
Earring: ANE "Winnter Dream  Earring - MOONLIGHT"(xiasumi school festival)
Chain: =Zenith= "gypsy divine wreath (Gold) Chain part Unrigged"(The Secret Affair)
Kimono Dress: {Melon Bunny}
 --- Furisode: {MB} Furisode Kimono Earth Crane
 --- Uchikake(Robe): {MB} Furisode Robe Hatsumomo
 --- Obi: {MB} Obi Red

Location: Renge Mura


Art of autumn, tidying up of autumn.

Art of autumn, tidying up of autumn.

Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Feronia -  light blondes"
Outfit: [monso] "My Off Shoulder Shirt - White"
Foot Accessory: un Jour "Le murmure des oiseaux*Noir"

flowey's original poster / vintage edition - Bonne Annee
flowey's original poster / vintage edition - Planet Chart
flowey / Apothecary Cabinet
(All props, Collabor88)

floorplan.&Willow. astrology chart chalkboard(Collabor88)
floorplan.&Willow. apothecary books(Collabor88)
floorplan.&Willow. lazy lounger / plum PG(Collabor88)
floorplan. the solar woman(KUSTOM9)

junk. hester's attic couch. antique.
junk. arch lamp. tall.
junk. arch lamp. short.
(All props, Collabor88)

PILOT - Coffee Mug [Gold Lipstick]
PILOT - Book and Tablet Stack
(All props, KUSTOM9)

[ keke ]
[ keke ] chandelier - star
[ keke ] big black book
(All props, Collabor88)

[CX] Autumn Bonsai

Dysfunctional Designs
[DDD] Library Bookpile - Normal
[DDD] Library Bookpile - Wide
[DDD] Library Bookpile - Tall
[DDD] Library Bookpile - Placed

Garden of Dreams
~*GOD*~ Atelier - Bookpile 2

~Tableau Vivant~
Package BOXED of  "~Tableau Vivant~ Writer Hair - Braid - Dark Blonds"(Gacha)

(fashionably dead)
(fd) Cat - 02 Sleeping Curled
(fd) Cat - 07 Sitting Down
(fd) Cat - 12 Curious
(All props, Gacha)

[Soul Mates]
[Soul Mates] Emakimono Kayaku RARE
[Soul Mates] Emakimono Yakuzaishi RARE
[Soul Mates] Emakimono Youkai (Rez)
[Soul Mates] Emakimono Shunga (Rez)
[Soul Mates] Emakimono Ninjutsu (Rez)
[Soul Mates] Emakimono Kinkyu (Rez)
[Soul Mates] Emakimono Chizu (Wear)
[Soul Mates] Emakimono Ninjutsu (Wear)
(All props, Gacha)

Cosplay: Bron II Broen - THE BRIDGE 2 - Saga Norén

Bron II Broen - THE BRIDGE 2 - Saga Norén

Hair: .:cheveux:. "F014 HairAsh04"
Sweater: *COCO* "SweaterWithShirt_Cut-out(Brown)"
Pants: Bens Boutique "Azra Jeans Brown"
Coat: *COCO* "CashmereCoat(DarkBrown)"
Boots: DRD "worn combats -rigged  grunge"

Pose: +agapee+ "agps-photo040(sit)M-2"
Props: RRC "Classics "NineOneOne" Full Perm (blank)"

Location: Ayas

The Bridge (Danish/Swedish TV series) - Wikipedia (English)


Skip the lesson

Skip the lesson

Me (Back side)
Hair: .ploom. "Imogen - Indecisive"
School uniform: /// offbeat /// "my secret closet school look (long) rare"(xiasumi school festival, Gacha)
Socks: *Edelweiss* "School-Line Socks - navy"(Free)
Shoes: {anc} "schoolshoes / basic : white;"(xiasumi school festival, Gacha)
School Bag: ::: B@R ::: "Simple HS Bag"
Mouth: B.C.C "School canteen food-Banana Milk"(xiasumi school festival, Gacha)
Pose: flowey. "lookbook seven"

yakochi (Front side)
Sorry, Not known...
But, Her hand and mouth item are "B.C.C - School canteen food"series.

Location: xiasumi school festival@snackpack


Rock digging in Mineshaft, during a break.

Rock digging in Mineshaft, during a break.

Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Lagertha -  light blondes"
Outfit: *:..Silvery K..:* "Men'sCoverALL(Mesh)"(Mine Shaft Hunt Prize)
Necklace: [MANDALA] "INARI (FEMALE)Long_Necklace"

Location: Mine Shaft Hunt@Hakoniwa

In the Dream, I lead you.

In the Dream, I lead you.

Dress: ***Ambrosia*** "Mesh:Tube Dress[red]"
         This dress,  You can buy at Be Fabulous.

Hair: *ARGRACE* "UREI - Sandy Blonde"
Shoes: *{Junbug}* "Vintage Red Leather Slippers (Slink Mid Heel)"

Location: embryo


Life - Fantasy MIXED Corde


Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ "Milly hair - Enchantment"(Enchantment Prize)
Headdress(a): ~Tableau Vivant~ "Legend Hair - Persephone Crown"
Headdress(b): un Jour "*l'Aube*"
Headdress(c): Air "Glow Tree Horn_White"(Mine Shaft Hunt Prize)
Dress: *{Junbug}* "Tomoe-San [Ivory]"(xiasumi school festival)
Necklace: [The Forge] "The Promise Necklace, (Gold)"(Enchantment Prize)
Earrings: {anc} "wheatnosering. gold size/L"(Enchantment Prize. Originally, This item is nose accessory.)
Pose: +agapee+ "agp_gown-F23"

Location: -Paradiso- @Harbour Light

Precocious dolls - *{Junbug}* Vintage School Dresses for Do it in a Dress

Precocious dolls

Dress: *{Junbug}* "Vintage School Dresses Cream and Gray"

Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Ambrosia -  light blondes"(Uber)
Hat: *Donna Flora* "LUCILLA hat"
Shoes(left): {Mango Cheeks} "Adeline Heels: Cookie"(xiasumi school festival - Charity)
Shoes(right): erratic "thea - peep-toe heels / black"
Dog: {anc} "longhairdog . white"(xiasumi school festival - Charity)
Pose and Prop: ::Axix:: "LadyCrow. pose 7"

Do it in a Dress Campaign@*{Junbug}*
I purchased endorses in this campaign.
When the paltry force also gather, It will be very large.
If you can agree to this campaign, I want you to join it.

Detail Information: http://www.junbugs.com/

Rose Garden - ***Ambrosia***Mesh:Vintage satin dress

Rose Garden

Dress, Choker, Belt and Garter: ***Ambrosia*** "Mesh:Vintage satin dress[Rose Garden]*"

Hair: +elua+ "Arissa_Lightblonde pack"(Xiasumi School Festival)
Shoes: .Enfant Terrible. "Rose shoe"

Location: embryo


同行二人 - Kobo Daishi is always with me.

同行二人 - Kobo Daishi is always with me. (Shikoku Pilgrimage)

Hair: +elua+ "Chay_Xiasumi Exclusive Color"(xiasumi school festival - Charity),
Outfit: ::: B@R ::: "Ohenrosan Lady"
Buddhist Rosary: [CerberusXing] "M Monk's Broken Necklace (Red)"(Gacha)
Props: FROZEN NIGHT "ojizo-sama"

"Ohenrosan" called a "pilgrim" in Japanese.
"Pilgrims" says that of Shikoku eighty-eight locations tour (Shikoku Pilgrimage).

About - Shikoku Pilgrimage
Japanese: ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%9B%9B%E5%9B%BD%E5%85%AB%E5%8D%8...
English: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shikoku_Pilgrimage


xiasumi school festival - Kawaii MIXED Corde

Yuimetal - xiasumi school festival

xiasumi school festival

Hair with Headdress: ~Tableau Vivant~ "Aidoru Series - Yuimetal - Blonds"(xiasumi school festival)
Outfit: !1mm*** "Maid Uniform Sailor Suit Navy/Navy"(xiasumi school festival - Charity)
Socks: *MUKA* "Thigh Socks"
Shoes: fri.day "Betty.Janes (Latte)"(xiasumi school festival - Charity)
Necklace(a): [CerberusXing] "Skin Deep Retake (Kuudere + Blue)"(xiasumi school festival)
Necklace(b) and Earrings: [CerberusXing] "Acorn Surprise"(Oneword)
Pose: [Nuna] x [143] "Origami Chain + Pose 03"(xiasumi school festival)

Location: xiasumi school festival@snackpack

Simple Red - kokorotayori : X kimono! mixed

Simple Red

Headpiece and Kimono Dress: kokorotayori "aka X kimono!" and "kiiro X kimono!!"

Head: ~Tableau Vivant~ "Lucrezia hair - Blonds"
Forehead Decoration: [CerberusXing] "Hua Dian 02 and 15"(We <3 Role Play)
Shoulder Decoration: Nana "Guardian Shoulder pad black"(GG)
Sandal: **Dirty Princess** "Gladiator Couture Princess"
Hand ornament: [CerberusXing] "F Ring Claws (Red)"


I'm MineShafter. - Mine Shaft Hunt@Hakoniwa

I'm MineShafter.

Hair: +elua+ "Wilma A_Lightblonde"
Helmet: neotoy "Mesh Mining Helmet"
Outfit: [monso] "My Jumpsuit - Grey"
Boots: [monso] "My Combat Ankle Boots - Black"
Mouth and Ear Accessory: [CerberusXing] "Aural Penetration & Steel Goatie - Silver"(implant series, Uber)
Necklace: [CerberusXing] "Skin Deep Retake (Tsundere + Black)"(Xiasumi School Festival)
Bracelet: E-Clipse "Rumble Bracelets - Silver"
Pose: [143] "Battle-09"

Pickaxe and Location: Mine Shaft Hunt@Hakoniwa

FROZEN - Haute Couture MIXED Corde


Hair: [LeLutka] "ELSA hair - Powder"
Dress: !:Lybra:! "Maurizia Frozen Ed."
Pose: [scene.] "[s.]F026"

Location: My friend's Private Place. Thank you, Ms. E. ❤


Totentanz - Fantasy MIXED Corde


Hair: *ARGRACE* "TSUMUGI - Honey Blonde [A]"
Headdress: ieQED "gloriana.crown.obisidian"
Horn: ~Tableau Vivant~ "Rumple horn(black)"(Enchantment, Rumpelstiltskin Round: Target Special Item)
Dress and Collar: =Zenith= "Orianna Lace (Black)"(Uber)
Hand ornament: [CerberusXing] "F Ring Claws (Gold)"(Gacha Mania!, Gacha)
Bracers and Armbands: .aisling. "Tortuga Princess"(Gacha)
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Chikuwa-009"
Props: Kalopsia "Mystic spirit" and "Dark spirit"(Uber)