The Living Corpse

The Living Corpse

Hair with Hood: [LeLutka] "EDITORIAL02 hair - Marilyn"
Knit: [monso] "My Hoody Knit - Black Print"(Uber)
Pants: -Pixicat- "Metal.Pants - Black"
Shoes: Eudora 3D "Elvira Heels Full Version (Slink High)"(color: Black)(Uber)
Hand ornament: [CerberusXing] "F Ring Claws R (Black Blood)"(Gacha Mania!, Gacha)
Mouth ornament: [CerberusXing] "The Abyss  F (Black)"(GG)
Pose: Sweet Lovely Cute "SLCPhotoShoot01vik(P4)"

Location: kowloon

***Ambrosia*** Nov 2014 New Items

***Ambrosia*** Nov 2014 New Items

***Ambrosia*** Nov 2014 New Items!
 Dress: Mesh:Tube Dress[5colors change](Group Member Lucky Board)
 Shoes: {Gacha}Rose&Lace heel for Slink Mid feet(Gacha, 7 colors)


Detail information will be soon.
***Ambrosia*** Information blog: http://ambrosiashop.slmame.com/
***Ambrosia*** Flagship shop: Nautilus%20-%20Magon/57/69/23

And...... [mellow] color's my blogpost is here!

(Other items)
Headdress: ***Ambrosia*** "Rose & Daisy Corolla[antique_rose], [blue], [pink], [yellow]"
                ***Ambrosia*** "Rose Corolla[baby_purple]"
Hair: [LeLutka] "BELLE hair - Powder"
Necklace and Earrings: Donna Flora "MISTY"
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Konnyaku-011Series"

Alptraum - Fallen Face-up version


Basic style - Reference : Fallen - Fantasy MIXED Corde

(Additional Items)
Forehead and Horns: [Keystone] "Eldir Headpiece And Horns - Silver"
Mouth and Ear Accessory: [CerberusXing] "Aural Penetration & Steel Goatie - Black"(implant series, Uber)
Collar: .aisling. "Chandra Collar"


Late autumn - -AZUL- Nika/Jade

Late autumn

Dress and Choker: -AZUL- "Nika/Jade"(PlatinumVIP Gift Nov2014)

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ "Victoria hair (round head) - Blonds"
Shoes: lassitude & ennui "Nevermore heels (Slink HIGH) - black"
Necklace and Earrings: Cae ":: Folium :: Collection"(FaMESHed)
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Constance-005"

Props: 8f8 "Chinese Lantern Tree Branch"


Autumn in oporuto - ***Ambrosia*** Nov 2014 New items

Autumn in oporuto

***Ambrosia*** New Items
 Dress: Mesh:Tube Dress[mellow]"(Group Gift)
 Shoes: Rose&Lace Heel for Slink- Mid Feet[mellow](kawaii mini hunt prize, Start: 1 Nov 2014)
 Fur: fur& lace cape[black](Reference item)

Other Items
 Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ "Lucrezia hair - Blonds"(The Fantasy Collective)
 Necklace: *{Junbug}* "Perles de la Mer - Pure"(Gacha)
 Earrings: .aisling. "Papillon Mimic Earrings"
 Ornament: *NAMINOKE* "MOMIJIGARi  BLACK"(Gacha, oporuto branch store only)
 Pose: [[J'adore]] "Katsudon-010"

Location: oporuto@KANASAN

Fallen - Fantasy MIXED Corde


Avatar: VERO MODERO "Asylum Girl  Cream"
Hair: Clawtooth: "Poseidon's Gal - Softest Black"
Shoulder: DRD "Brynhild armor shoulders"
Black Wings: [AD Creations] "Arm wings black"
Silver Wings: {anc} "lightwing.silver"
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Berta-012"


down - [CerberusXing] Chained Heels


Headdress: Pure Poison "Mhedusa Headdress"(Mystic Realms Faire)
Outfit: Pure Poison "Meithya Armor"(Mystic Realms Faire)
Bracer: The Annex "Bracer - Suede - Brown"
Hand ornament: [CerberusXing] "F Ring Claws R (Black Blood)"(Gacha Mania!, Gacha)
Implant Heels: [CerberusXing] "Implant Series: Chained Heels (Silver)"(Uber, next round)
Pose: Musa "Musa Fantasy Pose 066"

[CerberusXing] "Implant Series: Chained Heels"
Coming soon!, Uber next round.
Theme: Macabre (Open: 30 Oct 2014, 12am SLT)

(Chained Heels, Item Description)
These are fitted specifically for Slink High Feet.
To get the perfect fit use the Slink High Feet Shoebase and hover height of your shape would be at 50.


御狐様黒化 - The BLACK FOX that Divine messenger


The Black version of The FOX that Divine messenger of Ukanomitama-no-kami.

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ "Upshaw Hair - Long bangs (B) - Solstice"

Headdress: (Order from the top)
 --- Air "Shen Zhou (Hair Accessory)_11)Night"(Gacha)
 --- [CerberusXing] "Peony Comb (Silver) Common"(Gacha)
 --- [CerberusXing] "Bloody Autumn Blooms - All"(Terror-iffic Hunt)
 --- Glam Affair "Akali Headdress Geisha 2"
 --- Glam Affair "Nivy Flowers, Raven"

Face: [ContraptioN] "Masks: Far East Fox *default*"

 --- One Bad Pixel "Cherry Cheong Black"
 --- The Whore Mansion "Faux Fur Jacket Black"
 --- erratic "fishnet wide - full / black"

Necklace: [CerberusXing] "F  Monk's Broken Necklace (Black)"(The Gathering, Gacha)
Pectoral: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. "{Yoru~flowers} hairclip"(modified color)

Hand ornament: [CerberusXing] "F Ring Claws R (Black Blood)"(Gacha Mania!, Gacha)
Bracelet: E-Clipse "Rumble Bracelets, Silver"(L'accessoires)

Waist ornament: (Order from the top)
 --- [CerberusXing] "Katana Kanzashi (Bronze) RARE"(Gacha)
 --- [CerberusXing] "M  Monk's Broken Necklace (Black)"(The Gathering, Gacha)
 --- .:^AYAKASHI yokocho^:. "Toba Dorobo Black"

Leg ornament: [Tia] "Empress Leg - Black"
Shinguard: Attitude is an Artform "Abyssal Armor Shinguards & Bracers"
Geta: [CerberusXing] "M Grungy Geta L (Black)"

Prop: Dutchie "japanese panel winter"
Pose: Musa "Musa Fantasy Pose 062"





This Avatar's corde of the past: blogpost(1) blogpost(2)

--- props
[CerberusXing] "Autumn Bonsai"
[CerberusXing] Chinese Lantern (Plain)
:poche "mitarashi dango set"(included "houjicha")

Schöner Garten - Casual MIXED Corde

Schöner Garten

Hair: +elua+ "Vickie_Lightblonde"
Dress: *{Junbug}* "Dolly Dress [Blush]"(KUSTOM9)
Vest: *{Junbug}* "Dolly Vest [Floral]"(KUSTOM9)
Shoes: .Enfant Terrible. "Rose shoe"
Earring: .Enfant Terrible. "cross Earring"
Ring: VIVI'T "Candy Wedding #W005 Autumn wedding ring pink"(The Seasons Story)
Pose: Sweet Lovely Cute "SLCposing45pin" and "SLCposing49pin"

Location: My Friend's private beautiful garden. Can not be published, sorry.


Before going out - Casual MIXED Corde

Before going out

"Pebble has entered into the boots.... very sore."

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ "Pathfinder hair (F) - Blonds"(Mystic Realms Faire)
Outfit: NYU "Loose Jersey w/ Jumpsuit Skirt"(FLF)
Bag: *LpD* "*1975* Vintage Style Bag"
Socks: Maitreya "Dahlia Socks * Cream"
Boots: Maitreya "Stagioni XTD Leather * Bronze"


Halloween Sisters - ***Ambrosia*** Halloween items 2014

Halloween Sisters

***Ambrosia*** items
--- Left
 (Halloween Gacha @ Ambrosia flagship shopRMK Gothic Halloween2014)
   Headdress: Halloween Corolla[Purple]
   Dress: Mesh:Off Shoulder Ribbon Dress[P_Halloween]RARE
   Shoes: Pumpkin Heels for Slink- Mid Feet[Purple]
   Anklet: Halloween anklet[Purple]

 (Halloween Market @ RMK Gothic Halloween2014)
   Stocking: Slink Halloween stocking[Purple]

--- Right
 (Halloween Gacha @ Ambrosia flagship shopRMK Gothic Halloween2014)
   Hat: Halloween Head_dress[B_Bat]RARE
   Anklet: Halloween anklet[Black]

(RMK Gothic Halloween2014 event prize)
   Shoes: Pumpkin Heel for Slink- Mid Feet[Orange]

(Halloween mini hunt @ Ambrosia flagship shop)
   Dress: Mesh:Off Shoulder Ribbon Dress[O_Halloween]
   Stocking: Slink Halloween stockings[Orange]

Other shop items
--- Left
 Skin: :::Dimbula Rose::: "Bat girl skin_Halloween2014"
 Eyes: :::Dimbula Rose::: "Female Eyes01 (Light Purple)"
 Choker: *:..Silvery K..:* "Choker Lace(PGPi)"(Gacha, RMK Gothic Halloween2014)

--- Right
 Skin: :::Dimbula Rose::: RED CLOWN SKIN 2012_free
 Necklace: .trinket. "halloween bauble necklace"
 Ring: VIVI'T "Candy Wedding #W005 Autumn wedding ring Halloween"(The Seasons Story)

--- Both
 Hair: +elua+ "Wilma B_Lightblonde"(The Seasons Story)
 Earrings: Maxi Gossamer "Biarritz Beaded"
 Pose: [scene.] "[s.]F028" and "[s.]F028mr"


Fantasies India - Zaara "Chandni lehenga *ivory gold*"

Fantasies India

Dress: Zaara "[Mesh] Chandni lehenga *ivory gold*"(Mystic Realms Faire)

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ "Myst hair - Blonds"(Mystic Realms Faire)
Accessories: Zaara "Nizam Full Set *gold-white stones*"
Nail: [MANDALA] "NAIL PALETTE 1/Super Long]"
Pose: Musa "Fantasy Pose 045"

Location: Shekhawati India - Land of Enchantment

Unseasonable Cherry blossoms

Unseasonable Cherry blossoms

Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Olinda"(Mystic Realms Faire)
Dress: *{Junbug}* "Vintage Prom [Blush]"(The Chapter Four)
Flower on Dress: Glam Affair "Nivy Flowers, Peach"
Shawl: The Whore Mansion "Sexy Fur Stole Petal"
Shoes: . a i s l i n g . "Indiana Shoes /Pink/"
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Jadore-002"
Props: 8f8 "Single Young Sakura WHITE with Beads", "Single Young Sakura PINK with Beads", "Double Young Sakura PINK" and "Double Young Sakura PINK"


Believe the Brave - Fantasy MIXED Corde

Believe the Brave

Hair: MINA Hair "Lena (materials)"(KUSTOM9)
Headdress(a): . a i s l i n g . "Pimflette Elegance"
Headdress(b): {aii} "+ Royal Circlet + Gold"
Headdress(c): .random.Matter. "Deucalion Halo"
Headpiece: Glam Affair "Nivy Flowers Bride"
Dress: -AZUL- "Sakura/Pearl (MVW2011/Miss China)"
Necklace: .aisling. "Emily Necklace"(Tales of Fantasy)
Staff: *Cila* "Key to my heart Staves -Gold"(Mystic Realms Faire)
Wing(a): {anc} "lightwing.gold"
Wing(b): .:Whims & Wishes:. "Valkyrie - Wings"
Pose: [scene.] "[s.]F029"

Location: Intro


Together with two nieces

Sweater: Mikunch "lame-sweater with antique blouse(short)"(included "daikon head" and "Enamel mini bag")
Skirt: Mikunch "mimore skirt"
Knee socks: Mikunch "Knee & low socks"
Boots: Mikunch "classic pan boots (antique orange)"
Nieces: Box of "Mikunch mimore skirt" and "Mikunch lame-sweater with antique blouse(short)"
--- All Mikunch's item is purchased in The Seasons Story.

Location: Small Green Town

*daikon is Japanese Pronunciation of "Japanese white radish".


Halloween Clown Witch Girl - Kawaii Casual Mixed Corde

Halloween Clown Witch Girl

Hat: ***Ambrosia*** "Halloween Head_dress[Orange]"
Corset and Skirt: ***Ambrosia*** "Corset Dress[Halloween]"
Stockings: ***Ambrosia*** "Slink Halloween stockings[Orange]"
Fur Boots: ***Ambrosia*** "Ribbon Fur Boots[O_Halloween]"
(There items are able to get in ***Ambrosia*** Halloween mini hunt.)

Skin: :::Dimbula Rose::: "RED CLOWN SKIN 2012_free"
Hair: !Ohmai "Eli"
Necklace: [MANDALA] "LEGACY-Maasai"
Staff: Sweet Lies Designs "Acorn Lantern Fantasy "(Tales of Fantasy)

Auspiciousness - *:..Silvery K..:*kimono(Rinzu)Black


Kimono: *:..Silvery K..:* "kimono(Rinzu)Black"

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ "Legend Hair - Persephone - Summer"
Headdress: *:..Silvery K..:* "Head dress japon(Black)"
Necklace: .aisling. "Lavi Necklace"
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Beatrice-008"

Location: Kyoto BAKUMATSU




Mesh Avatar: VERO MODERO "Warrior Girl in Black-Pale Make Up, With Device"
Sunglasse: [sYs] "ALCANE - sunglasses F (black)"
Pose: Sweet Lovely Cute "SLCposing111back"



Ayakashi Japanesque - Coordination of Japan-like atmosphere

Ayakashi Japanesque

Hair: .ploom. "Imogen - Candy"
Headdress: [CerberusXing] "Cascading Peony (Jade) RARE" and "Peony Comb (Jade) Common"(Gacha)
Fox Mask: .:^AYAKASHI yokocho^:. "Kitunemen Venioni 14"(Gacha)
Kimono Dress: kokorotayori "hyoutan~koma(瓢箪から駒)"
Braces and Shinguard: Attitude is an Artform "Abyssal Armor Shinguards & Bracers"
Necklace, Earrings and Anklet: [MANDALA] "PEARL RAIN 2 /SALT BLUE"
Geta Shoes: [CerberusXing] "Sasu Geta Short (Red+Plain)"
Hip accessory: .:^AYAKASHI yokocho^:. "Toba Dorobo Blue a"
Gourd accessory(a): kokorotayori "hyoutan kujakuishi!1"(included "hyoutan~koma")
Gourd accessory(b): JUGOYA+kokorotayori  "20141006! hyotan 15ya+kokoro : cocorotsuki"(Onyado Kokoro-tsuki, 2nd anniversary memorial gift. Detail info is here (Japanese))
Mouth accessory and Props: .:^AYAKASHI yokocho^:. "Hanafuda (HAKU)"


AsHmOoT AW Coll GACHA/ Outfit #15

AsHmOoT_AW Coll_GACHA/ Outfit #15 / KV Winter Fashion Month

ALL outfit: AsHmOoT "AW Coll GACHA/ Outfit #15"
 --- Gacha : 1play L$95, Skirt and Fur coat are RARE item.
 --- If you complete, it will be in the state of the image. (Hair is Not included)
 --- Detail information listed in AsHmOoT official blog.

*Whimsical Imaginarium* Faraway Land

*Whimsical Imaginarium* Faraway Land / KV Winter Fashion Month

Dress with Fur: *Whimsical Imaginarium* "Faraway Land"(KV Winter Fashion Month)

Hair: Dura "*Dura-Boy*53(Black x Blonde)"
Headdress: LUAS "Helena Crown Silver"
Face accessory: LUAS "Nativa Facechain Silver"
Ear-cuff: LUAS "Nativa Earcuff Silver"
Bracers and Bracelets: . a i s l i n g . "-Sadhana-"
Eye-shadow: Donna Flora "eyeshadow mina green" and cheLLe "(eyeshdw) Mix and Match Naturals (Outer - Dark Green)"
Rip: cheLLe "(lipgloss) Juicy Gloss (Silver)"
Pose: Musa "Musa gown Pose 039"

Location: Cherry Waves


.::Dead Dollz::. Winter Is Coming

.::Dead Dollz::. Winter Is Coming / KV Winter Fashion Month

Dress and Fur muff: .::Dead Dollz::. "Winter Is Coming"(KV Winter Fashion Month)

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ "Upshaw - Sidebangs - Solstice"
Choker: *:..Silvery K..:* "Choker Lace(GGB)"
Earrings: .::DD::. Asjo Earring - Bronze (left)
Stocking: erratic "fishnet thin / bronze"
Boots: Bax Coen "AX Prestige Boots Brown Leather"
Fur Stool: The Whore Mansion "Sexy Fur Stole Wild"
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Cute003"

Location: Small town Green

Colorful Sweet

Colorful Sweet

(Candy Fair 2014)
Hair and Mouth candy: .ploom. "Lollipop Girl - Candy"
Eye-shadow: The Wicked Peach "Sweet Dreams 1"
Outfit: Wimey: "The Glitch Mint Hoodie"
Earrings and Charm that Birds have gripper: [CerberusXing] "Nyam Earring"
Birds: +Half-Deer+ "Ice-Creamaholic Birdies"
Rings: The Sugar Garden "Ice Cream Scoop Ring"
Back sheathed: *BOOM* "Candy Crusher (strawberry)"
Props: 8f8 "Cupcake Light - *COLLECTION*"

Pose: ::Axix:: "LadyCrow 3"

Thanks to Ms.Iruki <333


Machiya - Sakka's Studio NEW Flagship shop Open memorial KIMONO


KIMONO and Accessories of KIMONO: Sakka's Studio "[Hime!] Nagagi<Plaid> - green"

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ "Barley Hair - Winter"
Kanzashi: Sakka's Studio "Bachi-Kanzashi Kingyo Black"
Zouri with Tabi: Sakka's Studio "Tabi&Zori(Darkgreen.Female) ver.1"

Location: Purple Haze

Sakka's Studio was carried out Renewal open @ BayCity-Tanelorn sim.
Until 10 Oct 2014, It has conducted renewal open memorial mini hunt.
You must look three scroll (Makimono) on the premises of the shop.
This Kimono is a prize for the hunt.
Detail information (Japanese): http://sakka.slmame.com/e1476214.html
If you're anxious, hurry up!!

鬼火 - Will-o'-the-wisp - |CerberusXing| New Items


|CerberusXing| New Items
[CX] Monk's Broken Necklace (Red, Male type)(The Gathering)
[CX] F Grungy Geta (Red)(The Seasons Story, Start: Oct 10)

Other Item
Fox Tail: {aii} "Female Anthro Kitsune Tail"
Shinguard: Attitude is an Artform "Abyssal Shinguard Mesh"
other styling --- Please see my blogpost

Pose: Musa "Fantasy pose 035"

Location: Keisei


*Chocolat** Lili Kapuri pants

*Chocolat** Lili Kapuri pants / KV Winter Fashion Month

Pants: *Chocolat** "Lili Kapuri pants"(KV Winter Fashion Month)
 left: bordeaux, center: Holly Green, right: Rose Pink

Hair: TRUTH HAIR - light browns
 left: "Birdie", center: "Hope", right: "Snow"

Choker: *{Junbug}* "Crystal Acorn Choker in Night"
Necklace: Donna Flora "ELENA necklace - onyx"
Tops: -Pixicat- "Cheeky.Top (Summer)"
Stole: The Whore Mansion "Sexy Fur Stole Black"
Shoes: Pure Poison "Gia Sandals  for Slink High Feet"
Pose: flowey. "lookbook" series


Allurement of Red - Fetish Coode

Allurement of Red

Hair: D!va Hair ""Ange" (Moon stone)"
Eye-mask: erratic "chris - blindfold / red"(uber)
Bodysuit: erratic "skye - bodysuit / red"(uber)
Shoes: Every Pixel is Art "Kink Heels"(uber)
Accessories: LAZURI Jewelry "Heritage Pearl"
Props and Pose*: *:..Silvery K..: "* Emperor's chair(Mesh)Gold Set*"
*Pose edit:  Mama Allpa "Animare Pose & Animation System"

*:..Silvery K..:*Mini Dress&OverKnee SET(HalloweenEdition)

Apprentice witches, Happening in the broom-riding test

Apprentice witches, Happening in the broom-riding test!!
Very Thank you, Ms MORE!! Also, let's do! :)

(My Style Card)
Outfit: *:..Silvery K..:* "Mini Dress&OverKnee SET(HalloweenEdition)"
Choker: *:..Silvery K..:* "Choker Lace(GGB)"(Gacha)
Wing and Staff: *:..Silvery K..:* "Bat Wing&HaloweenStic(Free)"(Freebie)
 *3 items above,  You can buy at RMK Gothic Halloween 2014 †Magikal Academy† event.
 *This event that use a large amount of script, please go in low-load style.

Hair: Magika "[01] Shine"
Hat: PANTSU*HUNTER "little witch hat"(RMK Gothic Halloween 2014 event prize)
Gloves: *VoguE* "Jun Gift (Mesh Gloves)"
Eye-patch: . aisling . "Tortuga Princess - Eyepatch"
Broom: [Fuubutsu Dou] "MESH- Natural Broom"

*Ms.MORE's Style card is here.


宇迦之御魂神神使御狐 - The FOX that Divine messenger of Ukanomitama-no-kami


Hair: TRUTH HAIR Rogue -  light browns

Headdress: (Order from the top)
 --- Air "Shen Zhou (Hair Accessory)_8)Flame"(Gacha)
 --- [CerberusXing] "Peony Comb (Blood) Common"(Gacha)
 --- !dM deviousMind ""Lil' Miss Snow's HairStick **RED/PEARL**"
 --- {anc} "beadsdeco"
 --- Glam Affair "Akali Headdress 5"
 --- B.C.C "Lovely Camellia Hair Accessories Red"

Face: [ContraptioN] "Masks: Far East Fox *default*"
Choker: !dM deviousMind "Lil' Miss Snow's LockedCollar **RED**"
Pectoral: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. "{Yoru~flowers} hairclip"

 --- One Bad Pixel "Cherry Cheong Gold"
 --- Valentina E. "Sunday Vintage Robe Lucky Red"

Prop: <Soul Mates> Kimono Display Stand
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Chikuwa-009"



wait for the Special guests - Casual MIXED Coode

wait for the Special guests

Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Guiliana -  light blondes"
Eye shadow: cheLLe "(eyeshdw) Mix and Match Naturals (Outer - Dark Violet)"
Lip: cheLLe "(lipgloss) Juicy Gloss (Goth)"
Dress: Foxes "Baby Doll - Gold Lined (Metallic)"(uber)
Fur Jacket: *The Whore Mansion* "Faux Fur Jacket Black"
Shoes: Pure Poison "Beatrix Sandals for SLINK High"(uber)
Stocking: erratic "ripped stockings / black"
Necklace(A): [Tia] "Masquerade Jewel"
Necklace(B): GizzA "Peacock Necklace [Blue] Gold"
Bracelet: [MANDALA] "Pearl rain season 2/SALT blue"
Rings: (Yummy) "Princess Ring"(The Arcade, Sep 2014 round)
Bag: .Enfant Terrible. "Orb bag leather"
Pose: flowey. "being young and so brave"

Location: PSY CITY the Town where MUSIC comes alive@Altha