Bleu Azur - Fantasy MIXED Coode

Bleu Azur

Hair: *ARGRACE* "HARUKA - Sandy Blonde"
Drapee: ~Soedara~ "Beaute Drapee {White}"
Headdress(A): !:Lybra:! "Geishan Sunrise - Headpiece"(L’accessoires)
Headdress(B): .aisling. "Eunice Headdress RARE Gold"(Gacha)
Earrings: .aisling. "Gretchen Earrings"
Necklace: .aisling. "Tallulah Necklace RARE"(Gacha)
Chest piece: .aisling. "Eunice Chestpiece ULTRA RARE"(Gacha)
Arms: .aisling. "Eunice Arms Gold"(Gacha)
Bracelets(A): .aisling. "Eunice Bracelets Gold"(Gacha)
Bracelets(B): ~Soedara~ "Roman Laena Gold Wrist Cuff"
Hands: .aisling. "Darshana Hand"(Slink hand - Casual compatible)
Shawl: {aii} "Double Hagoromo Light"
Pose: Musa "Fantasy Pose 049"
Blue Orb: Musa Orb Pose 002(included)

Large props is {anc}
--- lacecurtain .xmas:bell:white
--- lacecurtain .gold:lace:white


Frolicking with frilled fish - Haute Couture MIXED Coode

Frolicking with frilled fish

Hair: D!va Hair "Zaara (Moon stone)"
Dress: [ZANZE] "Vivienne {CHAMPAGNE}"
Accessories: Lazuri "Fall Romance Complete Set"
Shawl: +Lika Ruby+ "shawl-A(white)01"
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Gyusuji-009"

All of Large props are {anc}
 --- lacecurtain .silver:lace:white
 --- bijourail 2Li .silver [priority to LOD]
 --- canopy:lace:antiquemilk
 --- Frilledfish. mistwhite


Oi-ran - [LAKSHMI]Oiran-Miyabi 2/Mesh Model B(LQ)


Oi-ran Kimono: [LAKSHMI] "Oiran-Miyabi 2/Mesh Model B(LQ)"

Hair: Tukinowaguma "Yoshika EbonyHair"
Pose: +agapee+ "agp-kimono_F7"

Location: Kikuya@4Seasons


Dolce Cleo "Kate Summer Dress"

The end of Summer.

Dress: Dolce Cleo "Kate Summer Dress (exclusive for KV)"

Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Malibu 2 -  light blondes"(Uber)
Necklace: .Shi "Evra Pendant [Femme]"
Shawl: +Lika Ruby+ "shawl-A(gold)02"
Bracelet: !:Lybra:! "Geishan Sunrise Bracelets"
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Konnyaku-011-h"


The emptiness - Fantasy MIXED Coode

The emptiness

Hair: Clawtooth "Poseidon's Gal - Uptown brown"(Collabor88, August)
Headdress, Necklace, Arms, Braces(A) and Legs: [Tia] "Empress"(Fantasy Gacha carnival)
Braces(B) and Hand(R only): . aisling . "Darshana Hand Jewelry"
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer "Biarritz Beaded"(FaMESHed, August)
Outfit: Pure Poison "Helen Outfit - Brown & Gold -"(We <3 Role Play, August round)
Shoes: Pure Poison "Black Goddess Sandals"(Collabor88, August)
Shoulder: ::Bite&Claw:: "Chained Pauldrons"
Sword: Kalopsia "Blubeard Sword"(Enchantment prize)
Shield: -Pixicat- "Shield (Mail)"
Dead heads: Unrepentant "Heads On A Rope"(Enchantment prize)
Blood (A, tattoo layer): T.arnished "Red Vision"
Blood (B, tattoo layer): .:Muse:. "FT.arnishedaded Nose Job  (Left Side)"
Blood (C, undershirts layer): ::ETERNAL DARKNESS:: ""psycho" Full body bloody tattoo"
Blood (D, undershirts layer): REPULSE "Bloodbath Full Body Tattoo"
Blood (E, Slink hand tattoo): Ama. "Slink Av.Enhance-tattoos : Blood and Dirt"
Pose: ATTITUDE "EX 28"

The revenge, What did you brings?
Immediately after killing, You would have been very satisfied.
But, from the later, you would have continued being attacked in tremendous emptiness.
You should continue suffering emptily.

Revenge does not produce anything.
You're have to get, only  "The emptiness".

Everyday wear this fall - Casual MIXED Coode

Everyday wear this fall

Hair: D!va Hair "Ange (Moon stone)"
Tops: {amiable} "Short Sleeve Rough Knitting Sweater_BK"
Skirt: {amiable} "Tutu Maxiskirt White"
Boots: Maitreya "Maitreya Gold * Laud Boots, Oil"
Braces(L): *{Junbug}* "Black Filigree Bracelet"
Braces(R): Zaara "Indra painted stacked bangles *gold*"
Pose: !bang "stand 424"

Location: Tableau

My everyday clothes this fall (Until midwinter).


Princess of Cangnan - Fantasy MIXED Coode

Princess of Cangnan

Hair; ~Tableau Vivant~ "Longfall Hair - Color dyes II//Hematite&blue"
Headdress: [Keystone] "Jalilah - Gold / Red" and "Vynna  - Gold / Garnet"
Dress: The Muses ". Jeune Mairee . Gold . For Enchanted (Bluebeard)" (Enchanted)
Necklace: [Tia] "Masquerade Jewel"

Location: Mont Saint Michel


Cat and Nice friends - [:::T.W 1063:::] maguromi cat 11 / maneki


Cat Avatar: [:::T.W 1063:::] "maguromi cat 11 / maneki"(Gacha)
Cat Avatar's Accessoies: **JPK "Cat Abatar  Accessories BOX"(Gacha)
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Chikuwa-010"

Other Characters: Detail is here.

[AD] Tribute to Mozzillo mesh dress

Resplendent Light

Dress: AD Creations "Tribute to Mozzillo mesh dress"(KV Exclusive)

Necklace(A): *{Junbug}* "Perles de la Mer - Pure"
Necklace(B), Bracelets: FDD "Dalila Jewelry set - Bronze"

Background: *On A Lark* "War Gong"
Pose: Sweet Lovely Cute "SLCposeEX48BW"

Well, what's interesting what a world! - Casual MIXED Coode


Hair: .:cheveux:. "F048Ashes2"
Over the Head: *MishMish* "Little Apricot (head)"(GG)
Shoulder(L): *MishMish* "VIP Group Gift - Flancito"(GG)
Shoulder(R): -Pixicat- "Parrot (Turquoise)"(Fantasy Gacha carnival)
Bag: *MishMish* "The Polar Sleepbag - Brown/Olive"(Gacha)
Tops: -Pixicat- "Cheeky.Top (Summer)"(Uber)
Shorts: -Pixicat- "Cheeky.Shorts (Blue)"(Uber)
Shoes: Pure Poison "Black Goddess Sandals-for SLINK Medium"
Bracelets: Ravensoul "Moonstone Bracers"
Necklace: Sweet Poison "MOP Necklace"

Location: *MishMish*


illusion - Fantastic MIXED Coode

illusion - 1P/2P Character

Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Lagertha -  light blondes"
Headdress, Hairpiece, Necklace and Stuff: [Tia] "Empress"(Fantasy Gacha carnival)
China dress: +Lika Ruby+ "china-A-pottery"(L/Black, R/Red)
Pose: ATTITUDE "EX 28"


Just keep walking only - -Pixicat- Key.Top (Blue) and TheDark.Skirt (Flats)

Just keep walking only.

Tops: -Pixicat- "Key.Top (Blue)"
Skirt: -Pixicat- "TheDark.Skirt (Flats)"(FLF)

Hair: Exile:: "Letters and Lipstick Light Blondes"
Necklace: .aisling. "The Bad Wife"(Enchantment prize)
Bracelet(L): [MANDALA] "PEARL RAIN 2 Bracelet /SALT BLUE"
Bracelet(R): Zaara :"Sadaf paua bracelets"
Pose: (marukin) "[dolce vita] sugar siren"

Location: ROCHE

.................... Just only continue.


going to work - Sakka's Studio "Geisha costume [Geiko Tsumatori] - Black"

going to work

Geisha Style: Sakka's Studio
    - Hair and Make up: ~Ss~Geiko make up kit
    - Kimono and Geta with Bag: ~Ss~Geisha costume [Geiko Tsumatori] - Black

Pose: +agapee+ "agps_kimono-011-B"

Location: Kikuya@4Seasons

Blonde Perfume - Cosplay MULTIPLE Coode

Blonde Perfume

(Left - Kashiyuka)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Mindy - LightBlondes01"
Dress: *LpD* "*Chica* Dress"
Shoes: Slink "Classic Pointed Pumps Black"
Pose: (marukin) "[game] obsessed with mint"

(Center A~Chan)
Hair: Magika "[01] Dreamy"
Dress: *LpD* "*Susy* Outfit"
Shoes: Slink "Classic Pointed Pumps Black"
Pose: (marukin) "[game] sporty not really"

(Right - Notcch)
Hair: tram "A418 hair / creamyellow"
Dress: *LpD* "*Alessia* Outfit"
Shoes: Slink "Classic Pointed Pumps Black"
Pose: (marukin) "[game] need you"

"Perfume" is a unit consisting of three Japanese women (They have been active beyond the framework of idle, recently). This fall, they dared World Tour for the third time. Destination is five places, Taiwan, Singapore, London, Los Angeles, New York. Detail Information is here. I expect that live viewing will be held.


Lunch time is a battlefield - Sakka's Studio "KIHACHIJOU-1 ver.1"


Skin: - Glam Affair - "Aria - Artic 05 F"
Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Honey -  light browns"
Kimono: Sakka's Studio "F-Kimono/ KIHACHIJOU-1 ver.1"
Obi: Sakka's Studio "OBI / SARASA Green ver.1"
Geta: Sakka's Studio "Female Geta <Atomaru>"
Tabi: Sakka's Studio "funny dot beige"
Sushi Tray: *~Aphrodite  Shop~* "Aphrodisiac Sushi!!! MESH updated"
Pose: *EverGlow* "Waitress02"

Location: Japanese sea house@miu island (summer season limited)

How many people did you come?
Table seating is sold out. Come to counter seats.
If okay that you will share a table, please go to the parlor seat!

At the waterside - *{Junbug}* Helena [Cream]

At the waterside

Dress: *{Junbug}* "Helena [Cream]"(Collabor88, August)

Hair: D!va Hair ""Juno" (Type-A)(Moon stone)"(Collabor88, August)
Headdress, Earrings and necklace: Cae ":: Odyssey ::"
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Gyusuji-005"

Location: :::Dimbula Rose:::


A walk of the mage - Fantasy MIXED Coode

A walk of the mage

Hair: *Calico* "Mylene - Blondes"
Headdress: *On A Lark* "Crystal Crown"
Dress: -Pixicat- "Fatima.Dress"(Enchantment prize)
Shoulder and Brazers: *LUAS* "Dracaris"
Rod Staff: :(Sad Harlequin): "Staff of the Elements - Frost"

Location: Alurel

-AZUL- Francesca (MESH)/Champagne

-AZUL- Francesca /Champagne

Dress: -AZUL- "Francesca (MESH)/Champagne"

Hair: tram "D802 hair / creamyellow"(Collabor88, August)
Headdress: Deviance "Erulisse Circlet - Cream"(Gacha)
Necklace, Earrings and Bracelets(a): [MANDALA] "Odyssey-Artemis(White)"(Collabor88, August)
Bracelets(b) and Arms: .aisling. "Eunice Gold"(Gacha)
Eye-shadow: cheLLe "Mix and Match Naturals"
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Konnyaku-004"

Location: Chouchou V

Elegance Esmeralda - -AZUL- Esmeralda /Champagne (MVenezuelaV2014/Bolivar)

Elegance Esmeralda

Elegance Esmeralda

Dress: -AZUL- "Esmeralda /Champagne (MVenezuelaV2014/Bolivar)"

Hair: D!va Hair ""Zaara" (Moon stone)"
Necklace: [Modern.Couture] "Jewelry - Allegra Necklace Gold"
Earrings: .::Distorted Dreams::. "Asjo Earring - Gold"
Headdress, Shoulder, Arm and Brace: .aisling. "Tallulah"
Nail (Slink HAND): [KiiKO] "Manicure applier for SLINK -05-"
Pose: !bang "stand 391"


Lucifer - Fantasy MIXED Coode


Hair: *ARGRACE* "Saki - Sandy Blonde"
Headdress: . a i s l i n g . "Sumiana -WHITE-"
Mask: Bliensen + MaiTai "Cascada - Veil - Gold"(We <3 Role Play, August round)
Dress: .aisling. "Valentine -Lace -TSA Exclusive"
Necklace and Earrings: Maxi Gossamer "Biarritz Beaded"(FaMESHed, August)
Sword: Kalopsia "Blubeard Sword"(Enchantment prize)
Shield: Noodles "Eric SHield Gold [Worn]"
Wings: [][]Trap[][] "Riven Wings Black"(We <3 Role Play, August round)
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Gyusuji-010"

Closeup - Haute Couture MIXED Coode


Hair and Headdress: *ARGRACE* "SHIORI - Blondes"
Dress: *{Junbug}* "The Affair [Cream]"(FaMESHed, August)
Earrings and Necklace: Maxi Gossamer "Aurora"(FaMESHed, August)
Bangles: LUAS "Nubia"
Eyeshadow: cheLLe "(eyeshadow) Dreamy"
Chair: Boudoir "Baroque Couture Chair Gold/White"

Birth of Flora - *{Junbug}* Ophelia [Blush]

Birth of Flora

Dress: *{Junbug}* "Ophelia [Blush]"

Hair: MINA "- Roos - Light blond"
Headdress(a): .Luminary. "Matilda - Multi/Gold"
Headdress(b): .random.Matter. "Deucalion Halo w / HUD"
Necklace: TOSL "*Chandelier* Necklace v1.3 Murano Glass"
Shawl: {aii} "+ Hagoromo Pinku +" and "+ Hagoromo II Pinku +"
Wings: ::: B@R ::: "Lucifer Armor Wings"
Pose: Musa "Fantasy Pose 75"(We <3 Role Play, August round)

Location: tempura island


Sabbath - Fantasy MIXED Coode


Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Hope -  light blondes"
Headdress(a): NSP "Lady Gwynevere (Antique Pink)"(Fit for a Princess)
Headdress(b) and Dress: {Les Femmes a Barbe} "Froggy princess"(Fit for a Princess)
Birds: *ionic* "Seres - Heren, Izas, Lean, Martin, Obe and Pira"(Gacha)
Pose: [[J'adore]] "Chikuwa-006"

Location: Higginston


Cluster amaryllis


Hair: booN "YNO421 hair blueblack"
Mask: *NAMINOKE* "ELEMENT MASK_FIRE"(Totally Top Shelf)
Pose: +agapee+ "agps_kimono-046"

Location: KAGAMI (limited event, until 31th August, 2014)


20140808 - KAGAMI

20140808 - KAGAMI

Hair: TRUTH HAIR "Fernanda"(Group Gift)
Headdress: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations:.. "{Yoru~butterfly} hairclip"(KAGAMI event)
KIMONO: ** Geisha Dreams ** "Kagami Collection - Crimson Reflection"(KAGAMI event)
Geta: kokorotayori "Tsui aka Huzi no takagetaA"

Location: KAGAMI event

1st August, 2014 - 31th August, 2014.
Detail information: http://kagami2014.wix.com/secondlife